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Moon Shadow Stables in the past has been a proud supporter of The Roanoke Valley Horse Show.  Some of our farms customer's horses have been showing at this event for over the past seven years in classes such as Rocky Mountain Pleasure classes, Mountain Horse Classes, Hunter Jumper Classes, Arabian Classes and the Invitational Barrel Race Event held at the show. We have sponsored  classes with trophies for this long running sporting event that supported many local charities in the area such as the Bradley Free Clinic and Equine Research.    We are also proud supporters and members of The National Barrel Horse Association and we have also sponsored our local National Barrel Horse Association district 1 in Virginia. In 2019 we helped to support and donated money to Botetourt County Horsemen's Association Show in Fall of 2019.  We are proud to Support such wonderful organizations and we wish everyone the best of luck for a wonderful, safe and happy horse show Season.  

Pictured below are the trophies we sponsor, some of our horses and riders whom showed in the past seasons and last year.  A special thank you to my wonderful husband Chris who does a wonderful job working the farm and helping us at our horse shows.  We appreciate all his hard work to keep things looking beautiful at the farm and his help at the shows with our family horses.  Also special appreciation and thanks to Abby Long whom has been our long time Manager on Duty at Farms while we attend shows and away events.  Her abilities and skills are much appreciated and she is a blessing to our horses and our family. 

A special tribute and congrats! to Pam Toms and Miss Diamond Broker "Missy" for their first place Wins at The 25th Annual International Rocky Mountain Horse Celebration.  We appreciate you as a customer and are honored to have you as part of our Moon Shadow Stables community.  All your hard work has paid off and you and Missy looked beautiful!

Pictured in both pictures above, Pam Toms & Miss Diamond Broker AKA "Missy" in Kentucky at Internationals.   Special congrats to Pam and Missy for their hard work and placings at the 2015 Old Dominion Gaited Horse Classic held May 2015 in Lexington Virginia as well. 

Pictured above and to the right is Jenny on both her horses, Miss Rebel Pony and Starfire in 2014.  Pictured below to the right, is Jenny & Chris's daughter showing Chris's horse JR at the Pee Wee NBHA Barrel Race in May 2014.  Victoria won fourth place and a trophy with four dollars in cash at this event.  "JR" was also trained by Jenny Race

Not Pictured, but Special congrats to Sue Bach and Arnie "Call Me Clueless" for winning a 1st place and forth place in halter classes at the 2015 May Hoof Beats Horse Show held in Lexington Virginia.  

Roanoke Valley Horse Show Trophies donated by Moon Shadow Stables LLC.

Pictured to the right is Jen and Chris's daughter showing JR at the 2014 Pee Wee barrel race held in Appomattox VA.

In Loving Memory:  Moon Shadow Stables is very sad for the loss of Corina Earl Graef's horse Montana "Monti" this winter of 2015.  He was 35 years of age and passed away on Feb. 20th 2015 at the farm.  He will be missed dearly by all of us.  Monti was a kind gentleman with a sweet, and lovable soul.  He was adopted by Corina his owner, from the Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue in 2009 and she loved him and cared for him deeply.  We miss you Monti and we know you are now enjoying greener pastures.    

Juls and Odie "Maybe Odie" at NBHA Colonial National 2015 running hard and looking sharp. Odie had beautiful qualifing fast runs both days.  Juls competed with over 600 riders in this two day National show and finished in the 3rd division with fast times on the 2nd day that put her just right out of the money.  We are so excited for you and Odie and are very impressed with  y'alls hard work and training. 

Jenny and Missy "Miss Rebel Pony" at the 2015 Colonial National.  Missy finished both days in the bottom of the 4th division with times both days. 

 This is Missy and Jenny's 2nd year to qualify for the NBHA Virginia State Finals Show and we are proud that we have finally won some points in the 5th divisional at our local NBHA district shows. Little Missy will be taking some time off this fall to re group and will not make it to the State Show but we will be ready and back for Spring 2016.

Missy also finished 16th in Pole Bending at the 2015 Virginia Barrel Race Classic held this past May. 

Danielle and Rebel placed in the top 10 in all their halter classes this past year at the annual Lee Jackson Memorial Appaloosa Horse Show. It was held this April 2017 in Lexington VA.  They took third place in the Color class making it a wonderful horse show for the both of them.   Congrats! on all your very hard work .  Danielle, Adrian and Rebel did an amazing job this year. -More pictures to come

In 2018 Danielle and Rebel also showed at the Lee Jackson Memorial Appaloosa Horse Show and placed in the top ten in their showmanship classes.  They earned two seventh place ribbons and a sixth place ribbon.  Rebel had a great week end and it was a beautiful week end for a show.  Great Job Danielle and Rebel!

Victoria took 2nd place in Pee Wee Barrel race at March 2016 NBHA show and also won a pay back.  Congrats!!! to you and Missy "Miss Rebel Pony"

Colt Race-Waller took a 2nd place on his Tennessee Walking horse Sun Bird at the July 2019 Rockbridge Show and Kentucky State Fair Qualifying Show.  It was there first show and Sun Bird was cool and calm in the ring.  Great job son! and proud of all your hard work with her after your purchase of her this past Feb 2019.

Victoria Race-Waller at 2019 Show at Lexington Va.  Good Job with Missy.  Glad you had fun and hoped you maybe learned something new at this event?  Congrats on making it into your Flat class Championship round 2nd night.  As you are finding out  showing takes alot of work, practice and patience.   Below is pictured Jen and Cheyenne at Colonial Nationals Super Show.

Jeannine Hensley and Whiskey took 4th place in April 2019 at an obstacle challenge and show held in West Virginia.  Very proud of Whiskey and Jeannine and all their hard work.  Whiskey is a very smart and beautiful horse.  They make a great team.  Congrats!!